Game Upgrades

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Game Upgrades

The Game Upgrades catalog of the Night Club.
Date released March 2009 (Cove, Dock and Ski Lodge)
April 2009 (Ski Hill)
June 2009 (Night Club)
August 25, 2011
Location Cove
Night Club
Ski Hill
Ski Lodge
Mountain Top (During The Great Snow Race)
Sells Surfboards (Cove)
Wakeboards (Dock)
Records (Night Club)
Sleds (Ski Hill)
Rods (Ski Lodge)
Available Yes
Updates Unknown.

Starting in March 2009, there were new Catalogs called the Game Upgrades Catalogs, for three games in Club Penguin. The catalogs are located at the Cove, Ski Lodge, Ski Mountain, Dock, and Night Club. In April 2009, a new one was added for Sled Racing, and in June 2009 there was a new one added for DJ3K thus making five Game Upgrade catalogs. In November 2009, the sled racing catalog was updated the with new Green Racing Sled and Pink Racing Sled items. In July 2010, the DJ3K catalog was updated with the new Reggaetron, House Blend, and Desi-bel items for the Music Jam 2010. During The Great Snow Race, the version of Ski Hill were at the Mountain Top.

Games and Upgrades[edit]

Hydro Hopper[edit]

Catchin' Waves[edit]

Ice Fishing[edit]

Sled Racing[edit]

Removed Game Upgrades[edit]


DJ3K was replaced by SoundStudio on July 17, 2014.




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