Gadget Room

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An outside view of the Gadget Room.

The Gadget Room was where Gary the Gadget Guy made his various inventions, and it could only be accessed in secret missions and in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. The entrance would not be visible from the 3D view of the HQ, but would be located on the wall closest to the bottom of the screen.

History of the Gadget Room[edit]

Agents were first introduced to the Gadget Room in the fourth mission and they had been having to use the equipment in there since then. To enter the Gadget Room, you needed to first go though the Eye Scan 3000, but only G or anyone with his old glasses could pass. The main inventions you would see was a life preserver shooter and one of the Thingamajigs (3000, 3001, 3002, etc.), a shoe that rung like a phone, and a mallet which had a boxing glove that came out. There were also other inventions by G. His model sled from G's Secret Mission was in the Gadget Room. They also had the old (PSA) Spy Phone on a shelf between the AC 1000 and the Jet Pack. In Mission #7, replacing the model sled was an older version of the Aqua Grabber. In Mission #6, G invented the Crab Translator 3000, which attempted to translate Klutzy's "crab language".


  • The Gadget Room door was the door featured on the CPIP home page, which required you to click on the Eye Scan 3000 to enter. This is disabled now.

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