G Billy

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G Billy
Full Name G Billy
Species Penguin
Position Drummer/Flutist of the Club Penguin Band/Former pizza chef
Appeared In the Club Penguin Band
Color Blue
Clothing 2008-2011
Cowboy Hat, Silver Drumsticks
Hair and Bandana, Plaid Shirt and Jeans, Drum Sticks, Cowboy Boots
Club Penguin Animated Shorts
White Shirt
Related To Unknown
Friends With Stompin' Bob
Petey K
Meetable Character? Yes
Hey. I can't express how moved I am that you listen. This is dedicated to YOU.

G Billy is one of the founding members of the Club Penguin Band. He is the drum player and occasionally the flutist of the group.

Interesting Facts[edit]

  • He has over 50 pins.
  • He says if he wasn't a musician, he'd still be working as a chef in the Pizza Parlor.
  • He is the only penguin to use an instrument that was sold in the Music Jam catalog in the Back Stage (although the drumsticks aren't an instrument themselves, they were still for sale in the music catalog).
  • He used to wear just old blue and no clothing items, but during the Music Jam 2008, he changed to wearing blue and a brown cowboy hat. Then at Music Jam 2011 he changed his look again along with the rest of the band.
  • There is a level 9 Card-Jitsu card of him.
  • He often speaks internet slang.
  • He's loyal and dedicated to his fans.
  • He never takes off his lucky bandana.
  • He founded the Penguin Band.
  • He was the first penguin to catch Mullet, but he threw him back.
  • A Club Penguin staff member said his favorite drink is root beer.


G Billy's scripts
  • Good to see y'all again
  • How's it going?
  • Hey everybody!
  • HeyI know you!
  • very cool
  • I like that bandana
  • yessiree
  • This place sure is fancy
  • signs autograph
  • signs another autograph
  • signs ten autographs
  • signs a hundred autographs
  • Whew my flipper hurts!
  • smiles for camera
  • shakes flipper
  • Let's turn it up!
  • Cool instrument!
  • Meeting y'all is the best part
  • Is this your band?
  • You look legit!
  • Nice bandana!
  • Sounds great!
  • That girl's crazy
  • She's got a great voice
  • We love playing with her
  • She always brings the energy up
  • She's great to collaborate with
  • She knows how to work the crowd
  • She's one smart cookie
  • Hey Cadence!
  • They wanna see you dance
  • They wanna hear you sing
  • I'll keep the beat
  • while you free-style
  • beat boxes
  • drums out beat
  • Franky's a great musician
  • We're lucky we found the guy
  • He still gets stage fright some times
  • He's always coming up with new ideas
  • He's very smart
  • Got a great ear for music
  • Hey Franky!
  • Tell 'em about the time
  • you tripped on stage
  • you got stage fright
  • We've got to get back to rehearsal
  • Let's get going buddy!
  • Cadence and Franky made it
  • They're crazy talented...
  • when it comes to technology
  • I helped with the drum beats!
  • We hope you guys like it
  • Check it out at the Dance Club
  • Don't forget the drum beats
  • I'd love to hear your music
  • Yeah the band was real tired
  • They need some chill time
  • It's hunky dory
  • That means awesome haha
  • They're doin this that and the other
  • They're rehearsing
  • I'll tell em ya'll said hi
  • I'm real focused on stage
  • In my downtime I like ice fishing
  • and reading the paper
  • but today its all about the music!
  • Did ya grab our background?
  • Be sure that you do!
  • haha that's funny!
  • sweet!
  • no!
  • nooo way!
  • yeehaw!
  • sorry to hear that
  • nope!
  • well maybe!
  • Shoot me a friend request
follow me!
  • over here!
  • this way everybody!
  • ya'll wanna come with?
  • alright where you wanna go?
  • sounds dandy follow me!
  • everybody wave!
  • everybody smile!
  • y'all look swell
  • great look
  • y'all look like rock stars
  • alright y'all i'm off to practice
  • check out our next show ya hear?
  • cya!
  • later!
  • thanks for a rockin good time
  • you guys rock
  • keep making awesome music!

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese G Billy
French G Billy
Spanish G Billy
German G Billy
Russian Билли
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