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Not to be confused with the Furniture Catalog.

Furniture items are objects than can be placed in igloos. There are wall, floor, and regular (standing up, like a chair) items. Furniture can be rearranged into any pattern that the owner wishes (as long as the igloo isn't full.) An igloo can contain up to 99 furniture items.

The Mullet furniture item.


Furniture items have been around since 2005 or 2006. In July 2012 non-members were given 6 free furniture items.

How to obtain[edit]

The most common way for penguins to obtain furniture is through catalogs. The Furniture Catalog (as it's name indicates) is the main catalog for furniture. Other catalogs that have furniture include the Puffle Catalog, Martial Artworks catalog, and occasionally the Rockhopper's Rare Items catalog.

In recent years, furniture has also become more frequent as free items during parties. Some examples of free furniture at parties include Dragon's Gold, Headstone and Santa's Desk. Other free furniture items include the Puffle Cannon and the Hydra Heads.

A few furniture items have also been unlockable. The first unlockable furniture items were Fruit items released in 2012 to promote the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit.


Each furniture has one of the following types and sorts assigned. These properties usually equal, currently the only exception are some puffle-related furniture items like Puffle Condo that have normal type and puffle sort.

ID Type/Sort
1 Room
2 Wall
3 Floor
4 Pet


  • There was a glitch that allowed you to edit other people's igloos but was fixed after the changes were made to Club Penguin. It was unknown how long the glitch existed. When changes were made it was clear this was the one of the glitches to be fixed. Owners who had furniture were seemingly annoyed when other penguins entered their igloo and edited their igloos. As a result, many penguins were afraid to hold parties in their igloos.
  • There was a glitch that if you click on the Plaza on the map, it will bring you to another penguin's igloo. It was unknown how long the glitch existed, but this glitch has since been fixed.


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