Funny Pig

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Funny Pig
Funny Pig.PNG
Full Name Funny Pig
Species Penguin
Position Actor
Appeared Secrets of the Bamboo Forest
Color Lime Green
Clothing Funny Pig Costume
Funny Pig Hat
Funny Pig Snout
Related To Unknown
Friends With Monkey King
Guardian Dog
Phoenix Queen
Meetable Character? No

The Funny Pig is a character in the play Secrets of the Bamboo Forest. He is a lime green penguin wearing a hat, a tied-on snout, and a Chinese style suit. He appears in the Stage play Secrets of the Bamboo Forest. In the play, he helps Monkey King cross the river by helping him find the Golden Feather. As revealed in his character description, and in the script, he really likes food, such as anchovies, chocolate, and pizza with candy topping.

The Funny Pig costume.


"He loves the mud, lots of snacks, and a good journey! You may find him leading his friends towards a Golden Feather..."


Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Porco Porcaria
French Cochon Farceur
Spanish Cerdito Apetito
German N/A
Russian N/A

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