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Appearances Hydro Hopper, Earth Day 2011
Related To Shark, Duck
Color Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, Black

The frog is a creature found around Club Penguin Island. The frogs presumably live on the ocean or by the river. In game, frogs are only seen in the minigame Hydro Hopper. If you crash into the frogs in Hydro Hopper, you lose a life. It is unknown where they came from. There is also a Frog Pin being based on the frog. Frogs were confirmed by a sneak peek of Earth Day 2011 to be at the party.

During Earth Day 2011 frogs could be found at the Forest. However, there were several different types of frogs. There was a red, pink, yellow, maroon, and purple frog, but no green frogs.

Kermit the Frog also made an appearance during the Muppets World Tour in 2014.


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