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Free items are items that can be obtained by a player without expenditure of coins, tickets or any other form of currency. The items listed on this page are free items that are available indefinitely; other free items may only be available for a limited time (e.g. during parties only).

Current free items[edit]

Name Image How to obtain
New Player Red Baseball Hat
Create a new penguin.
New Player Background
Create a new penguin.
The Insta-Hero
Visiting the Clothes Shop during the Initial Guide of Club Penguin.
Polka Puffle Hat
Visiting the Pet Shop during the Initial Guide of Club Penguin.
Table for Two
Visiting your igloo during the Initial Guide of Club Penguin.
Online Safety Sweater
Completing the Safety Quiz.
Tour Guide Hat
Tour Guide Hat.PNG
Passing the Tour Guide Test.
Rockhopper's Key pin
Rockhopper's Key Pin.PNG
Found at the back of the book The Journal of Captain Rockhopper in the Book Room.
Friendship Bracelet
Friendship Bracelet.PNG
Found at the back of the book, Rockhopper and the Stowaway in the Book Room.
Miners Helmet
Miners Helmet.PNG
At the Gold Mine.
At the Dojo Courtyard.
Other ninja items
Playing the Card-Jitsu games.
Moss Key Pin
Moss Key Pin.PNG
Members Only: Following the Giant Squid in the Black Puffle level of Puffle Rescue. It is found in the Underwater Room.
Club Penguin also occasionally releases an unlockable code that can be redeemed by anybody. For these items, see this page.