Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo

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Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo.

Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo, or otherwise simply known as Fred, is the clockwork bird that emerges from inside the cuckoo clock in the Ski Lodge. His name first appeared in The Penguin Times issue #87, but he has existed before The Penguin Times announced his name.

He still exists today, appearing every half hour in the analog clock (it's not usually read) at the Ski Lodge (Penguin Standard Time).

He has also now appeared in the Paint by Letters book, Burnt Out Bulbs. Pull the right silver feather under the Cuckoo Clock. Then Fred will jump out with a coin in his mouth. You have to be fast enough to click the coin. Sometimes, it takes a while to get it from him, considering Fred jumps out, then back in, quickly.

Fred will also show up every 30 minutes (no matter how often he's coming out in the Ski Lodge) in the secret missions if your penguin is in the Ski Lodge during that time.

Fred receied a new model when the Ski Lodge was renovated in March 2015.


  • During the April Fools' Party 2008, he came out every five minutes.
  • On April 17, 2008, When Herbert P. Bear broke the Clock Tower and messed up all clocks, he came out every second, which is very weird, considering it was 30 minutes in real.
  • Sometimes he comes out every 15 minutes, which is a bug.
  • He actually comes out 30 minutes and 30 seconds. It's like an internet "shocker", because some people don't expect it to come out 30 seconds after the scheduled time.