Fog Forest

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Fog Forest
Where The Wilderness, probably behind the Ski Village.
Opened March 13, 2014
Closed March 19, 2014
Mini-Games None
ID 851
Tour Description
""Welcome to the Puffle Park. It's made just for you and your puffle. You can go on a slide or zipline... or wash up at the hydrant! The cat and dog puffles... especially love this spot!"

The Fog Forest was a room in Club Penguin. Currently there is not much information about it. It could be accessed from March 13 to March 19, 2014 and wasn’t officially released.


In issue #433 of the Club Penguin Times, one of the stories said “Mysterious mists cover the wilds. Be careful near the Ski Village”. On March 13 the room’s SWF file became available, so it is quite likely that the newspaper was speaking about it. The file was removed from Club Penguin's servers on March 19 and it is unknown if it will return in the future.


The statue

It most likely is located near the Ski Village, since it is possible to view the River Cave and the Tallest Mountain behind the fog. In the fog, the statue of the penguin holding a puffle in The Wilds can be seen.