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Fluffy the Fish.
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Fluffy the Fish is a recurring character in games, missions, rooms, and others. However, his name is only mentioned in the first Penguin Style catalog, in the Lighthouse, in the tour description in the Cave, in some Club Penguin Times issues and in the Get Fluffy stamp.

Prehistoric Fluffy the Fish[edit]

The Prehistoric Fluffy the Fish

The Prehistoric Fluffy the Fish, also known as the Dreaded Sabretoothed Fish[1] is a prehistoric saber-toothed version of Fluffy the Fish. It's larger and it also has fangs.

It was seen at the Cave during the Mountain Expedition and The Great Snow Race and was frozen in ice. During Rockhopper's Quest there was a presumably deceased Saber-toothed Fluffy the Fish. It was also seen in the Viking Hall stuffed and on a plate to be eaten. It must have been native to Shipwreck Island, since there is a viking ship in both Shipwreck Island and the Cave. They may have moved to Club Penguin Island because the viking ship in the Cave is similar to the broken ship on Shipwreck Island. There is a Prehistoric Fluffy the Fish skeleton hanging on the classroom wall in the School.

Those fish are still alive and can breathe out of water. Many prehistoric sabretoothed fish have been spotted in the Tallest Mountain, digging holes and scaring penguins who try to sled down the mountain. They are the main villain in the new game Sled Racer. They are larger not only than the regular Fluffy the Fish, but they are also larger than penguins and some of them are even larger.

Besides the Prehistoric Fluffy the Fish, other prehistoric creatures were revealed to be still alive. Among them are the Prehistoric Shark and the Enormous Grey Fish. In fact, every prehistoric species can still be alive.

The other prehistoric creature found frozen in the same Cave as the Prehistoric Fluffy the Fish was the Prehistoric Shocktopus.



  • According to the first Penguin Style catalog, Fluffy belonged to Zippo the Penguin. Fluffy's appearance in the Penguin Style catalog was also his first official appearance on Club Penguin Island as Fluffy the Fish. When asked, rsnail said that Fluffy is "everywhere" and that it might be connected with an unfinished mission.[2]
  • According to Secret Mission 2, puffles don't like them.


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