Floor Piano 3000

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The Floor Piano 3000 in the Cave during Music Jam.

The Floor Piano 3000 was an invention created by Gary the Gadget Guy. It was discovered in the Cave, during Music Jam 2008, Music Jam 2009, Music Jam 2010 and Music Jam 2011. It was a giant piano keyboard with precisely one octave (eight white keys, five black keys) that played a note when you stepped on each key. Like most interactive party-only features, only you could see/hear yourself playing on the piano. However, unlike the other features, if you pull the switch showing the penguins, you could hear the notes everyone in the room plays. This feature is now standard, as shown with features such as the Snowball Eating Plant.


  • One of the things that a group of penguins tried was playing a song. Each penguin was allocated to a key, and via the penguin stepping on the note, a simple song could be played.[citation needed]
  • Though there are black keys just like a real piano, they do not produce a sound when stepped on.

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