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Full Name Flare
Species Puffle
Position EPF Puffle
Appeared Elite Penguin Force Games, when called with Puffle Whistle
Color Black
Clothing Welding Mask
Related To Unknown
Friends With Other Elite Puffles, Coffee Shop Barista, The Snowball Crew
Meetable Character? Yes (when walked).

Flare is a black Elite Puffle from the Nintendo DS video game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. He shoots blue flames from his mouth while he wears his welding mask and can weld anything with this. His can be used in the Elite Missions. He also appeared in the exclusive book Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic.

In the EPF Mission, All's Weld That Ends Weld, Flare is really upset and you send him a postcard to help him feel better.

Using a code unlocked in the game, Club Penguin EPF: Herbert's Revenge, you can walk Flare online. You can also unlock him if you use a code from the Elite Penguin Force Card Game.

There was a Flare Hoodie in the February 2011 Penguin Style.


  • Despite being a black puffle, you cannot play Cart Surfer with him, use him for the Puffle Tasks, or use him to dig up coins or items. This is because Flare is considered as a hand item in-game, and not a puffle.
  • He is the only elite puffle you can use in-game.
  • Flare's item ID is bait. [citation needed]