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Flags are a type of pin, but they are never hidden. All of the flags are found in the back of the Penguin Style catalog. Players usually buy them to show where their country of residence is or where they are originally from. They are placed in the top left hand corner of a player card where a pin would usually be. They used to be available to members only for 20 coins each. However, as of February 2010, all penguins can buy flags.

The former look of the flag page in the Penguin Style.

List of flags[edit]

Flag Timeline[edit]

This timeline has everything pertaining to flags.



  • There was a glitch in 2007 which often occurred when a penguin's membership runs out; if the penguin was wearing a flag at the end of its membership, the flag stays on their player card. This glitch will no longer work as flags can now be purchased by any penguin.


  • An Antarctica flag exists, but this is a bait item which cannot be obtained and attempting so will get you banned.
  • When you buy a flag, the purchase confirmation box is oddly worded, making it seem as though you were buying the country. For example, if a penguin bought the Italian flag, the message would ask, "Would you like to buy Italy for 20 coins?"
  • On the Issue #238 of The Club Penguin Times, flag icons were used in a message. The player had to decode the message by finding the first letter of the country that flag represented.

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