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The Fireworks are events that Club Penguin has each year during New Years. They were launched too in beginning of July. Fireworks used to be fired off from two places: the Iceberg and the Ski Hill. On November 2013, the Beacon also had fireworks. In December 2013, only the Snow Forts had fireworks. In 2015, was also add a dance floor in the Ski Hill and Iceberg. There is also a Fireworks Pin.



  • There were no fireworks on July 4, 2011, because not all countries have a celebration on this day.
  • There were fireworks after the Halloween Party 2013 ended to celebrate the Festival of Lights.
  • There wouldn't have fireworks to celebrate New Year 2014-15 because they are difficult to add on the mobile platforms, but due the popular demand, Club Penguin decided to add them only on the website version of the game[1][2].


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