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Image Name Description
BlueDinoPuffle.PNG Darwin Darwin is Gary's pet Blue Triceratops puffle. He made his first public appearance during the Prehistoric Party 2014. Darwin is also referred to by Gary as his lab assistant. As described by Gary, he is clever and attentive.
DubstepPuffle.png Dubstep Puffle The Dubstep Puffle is a Black Puffle who wears a pair of Headphones, and is always listening to dubstep music. He first appeared in a video published in Club Penguin's YouTube account, called Dubstep Puffle.
N/A Elite Puffles The Elite Puffles are puffles that have been specially trained PH, to assist EPF agents in EPF missions. EPF agents can summon them by using a Puffle Whistle. Online, member EPF Agents can summon Flare using the Puffle Whistle feature on the EPF Spy Phone. There is only one puffle of each color.The currently prominent Elite Puffles are Bouncer (Blue), Blast (Red), Flare (Black), Loop (Pink), Pop (Purple), Flit (Green), Chirp (Yellow), and Chill (White), respectively. There is also known to be an orange elite puffle named Gulp and a gold elite puffle named Lucky.
Fluffy (puffle).PNG Fluffy Fluffy is a blue puffle who has appeared in two comics on ClubPenguin.com. He appeared in the comics Sit Fluffy, Sit!! and The Mind of a Puffle. He is not very intelligent, as seen in his second appearance, The Mind of a Puffle, where he thought a top hat was food.
Great puffle circus ringmaster.png Great Puffle Circus Ringmaster The dubbed "ringmaster" is a Yellow Puffle that appears at the Great Puffle Circus, introducing the other puffles. He seems to also be a magician.
KeeperoftheBoilerRoom.PNG Keeper of the Boiler Room The Keeper of the Boiler Room is a small Green Puffle. She can be found bouncing on the bottom-right speaker of the Night Club. In the book, Truth or Dare, a Penguin named RodgerRodger was dared to stay in the Boiler Room. He discovered a Green Puffle, the now well-known 'Keeper'.
Snap21.png Keeper of the Stage The Keeper of the Stage is the yellow puffle that first appeared back in 2007 when the Stage was still in construction. It would appear randomly out of the scaffolding. When the Stage was completed, the Keeper of the Stage stayed there, and had a part in all of the plays that went on there. It could usually be seen if you press the yellow lever on the Switchbox 3000, or if you clicked a puffle mask on the rafters. It also helped agents in PSA Mission #7. When the Stage was replaced by the Puffle Berry Mall, the Keeper disappeared with it.
Lolz.png Lolz Lolz is Cadence's Purple Puffle. She first appeared at the Puffle Party 2011. Like Yarr, she has a different pose then other puffles on the player card, having a pose a purple puffle makes while dancing. She was named "Lolz" because she makes Cadence lol (laugh out loud).
Greatpuffleswitch1.png PJ PJ is a green puffle in Club Penguin. They only appear in the real life book, The Great Puffle Switch.
N/A Plok Plok is the orange puffle who lives in the Box Dimension. He floats by in a box every half-hour.
YarrNew.PNG Yarr Yarr is Rockhopper's Red Puffle. He was the first Red Puffle ever seen on Club Penguin Island. Yarr can be seen on top of the mast of the Migrator. Yarr was named so because he always responded to Rockhopper when he shouted "Yarr". He loves to go surfing in Catchin' Waves and is an adventurous puffle, like most Red Puffles.

Unnamed Famous Puffles[edit]

The "Keeper of the Stage".
A green puffle eating Puffle-O's.
  • A green puffle at the Pet Shop that was seen eating Puffle-O's.
  • Most unnamed puffles are wild puffles from the Wilderness of Club Penguin.
  • Aunt Arctic has green, purple, black, blue and pink puffles, now known to be called Cornelius, Scone, Herbert, EleanorMae and Agent[1].
  • A unnamed black puffle is seen in the two PSA missions set in the Wilderness.
  • An unnamed green puffle also appears in the Secret Mission #8. When it is given a cookie, it will fly just like a normal green puffle. This may have been either the Keeper of The Boiler Room or the puffle in the Pet Shop seen eating Puffle-O's.
  • An unnamed white puffle appeared at the Dojo Courtyard and Mountain during the Puffle Party 2009. It might have been Sensei's puffle but when asked during his visit, he said he doesn't have any puffles.
  • 6 black puffles have been spotted around the island, and if you wear a Ninja Mask and get near the black puffles, they will flame up. These black puffles are now gone, since the Help Goldsmiths Build Amulets event happened in the Dojo Courtyard.
  • The other puffles that appear in the Great Puffle Circus.
  • At the Ski Lodge, there was an Orange Puffle that came out of the clock every half hour.
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