Fall Fair 2008

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Fall Fair 2008
The Town during the Fall Fair 2008
Members only No
When September 26 - October 6, 2008
Free Item(s)

Giant Green Sunglasses, Lollipop, Feathered Tiara, Yellow Balloon Pin, Blue Cotton Candy, Paddle Ball, Carousel Background

Teddy Bear, Giant Yellow Sunglasses, Caramel Apple
Catalog(s) Prize Booth
Mascot(s) None
Where Everywhere
Preceded by
Penguin Games
Succeeded by
3rd Anniversary Party

The Fall Fair 2008 was a carnival-like party in Club Penguin that ran from September 26, 2008 to October 6, 2008 and was one of the most highly-anticipated parties that year. In the party, penguins could earn tickets from various carnival games and thereafter spend them on certain prizes. In continuation of The Party series, the Arcade Circle was added as a temporary room. See List of Fall Fair Games for a list of the games that were available to be played during the Fall Fair. It was the last Fair to use the Fall Fair name.

Puffle Paddle


Image Item Location Members only?
GGS.png Giant Green Sunglasses Prize Booth No
LollipopItem.PNG Lollipop Prize Booth No
Feathered Tiara.PNG Feathered Tiara Prize Booth No
Yellow Balloon Pin.PNG Yellow Balloon Pin Prize Booth No
Blue Cotton Candy.PNG Blue Cotton Candy Prize Booth No
PaddleBall.png Paddle Ball Prize Booth No
CarouselBackgroundIcon.PNG Carousel Background Prize Booth No
Bear.png Teddy Bear Prize Booth Yes
GiantYellowSunglasses.png Giant Yellow Sunglasses Prize Booth Yes
CandyApple.png Caramel Apple Prize Booth Yes


  • At the time when the party was held, the pin available, which was a yellow balloon, could only be obtained upon earning 100 tickets unlike other times when you could obtain the pin for free.


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Party Pictures[edit]


  • Several rooms had carnival themes with neon signs and food stands.
  • A neon Night Club and Dance Lounge with pink and blue disco tiles were introduced in this party.
  • The Coffee Shop sold cotton candy and caramel apples and was painted blue and pink.
  • The Pizza Parlor was a circus big-top.
  • The Beacon had a giant slide leading to the Beach.
  • The Forest had a mechanical bull attraction.
  • The Cove had a Popcorn stand and Feed-A-Puffle.
  • The Cave had a carousel.
  • The Ski Village had a big, waving Rockhopper sign.
  • The Dock had a juice stand and a Hydro-Hopper sign.
  • The Mine had neon cart surfer signs and a burger stand.
  • The Iceberg had turned into a ball pit.
  • The Mountain had a Sled Racing sign and an ice cream stand.
  • During the middle of the party, the Plaza was decorated and had a pizza stand.


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