Experimental Penguins

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Experimental Penguins
The logo for Experimental Penguins.
Platform Browser
Developer Rocketsnail Games
Publisher Rocketsnail Games
ESRB rating Not Rated


Chat room
Date released July 30th, 2000

Experimental Penguins was an old game from 2000,[1] which was believed to be the earliest iteration of what would become Club Penguin. It was a multiplayer chat room, similar to Penguin Chat and its successors, created by Rocketsnail Games.


You could choose a name and a penguin color. Colors included black, blue, green, and red. Little is known about Experimental Penguins since there are not any pictures of gameplay. From the icon they put next to it on Rocketsnail.com, it seems that there was dynamite (explosives) and Snow Cats (vehicles), which soon made their way into Penguin Chat.


  • Snow Room
  • North Pole
  • Crash Site


The first concept that would later become Club Penguin was titled Snow Blasters [2]. A logo was designed for Snow Blasters, and Experimental Penguins was created as a test for a multiplayer game running on Flash 4 [3]. Experimental Penguins only stayed up for a few months, but it got several awards. It was closed down, and then Penguin Chat came along. The game was never finished before Penguin Chat was released.

Ballistic Biscuit reference[edit]

A game also developed by RocketSnail Games called Ballistic Biscuit, now known as Hydro Hopper was made in 2001 as well. Now being a penguin-only version, the older version had humans, however a newer revision had an Experimental Penguins reference with a penguin on board the boat.



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