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Emoticons are little faces and symbols that can symbolize how Penguins feel and they usually appear in speech bubbles accessed by clicking on the Emote Menu or by pressing E and various keys.

List of Emoticons[edit]

The original Emote "menu".

Face Emoticons[edit]

Food Emoticons[edit]

Other Emoticons[edit]

Former Emoticons[edit]

These Emoticons are no longer available in-game.

Limited Party Emoticons[edit]

Every party since the 2012 Holiday Party has had at least 3 limited time emoticons.

Replaced Emoticons[edit]

Emoticons that have been replaced for certain parties.


  • The Heart and Skull emotes were both removed by the Club Penguin Team due to parent complaints. Club Penguin later brought back the Heart emote, saying it could be used in a positive light. The Skull emote was never brought back, with the team saying there are better ways to show you are feeling angry, such as using the Angry emote.
  • The Smile/Laughing emote was removed and revamped due to a dispute with Yahoo.com over the similarities of the icon to one that Yahoo.com used [citation needed].
  • The Music Note emote when used emits a farting sound.