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Full Name Queen Elsa of Arendelle
Species Human (Frozen)
Penguin (Club Penguin)
Position Queen of Arendelle
Appeared Frozen
Frozen Fever
Color Arctic White
Clothing (Frozen Party)
The Ice Queen
Royal Eyelashes
Elsa's Ice Queen Dress
Elsa's Ice Queen Shoes
(Frozen Fever Party)
The Frozen Flowers
Elsa's Spring Dress
Related To Anna (younger sister)
Friends With Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven
Meetable Character? No
Queen Elsa was a Club Penguin special guest. She is the queen of the distant kingdom of Arendelle, and made her first appearance during the Frozen Party. Between August 27 and September 3, she performed her award-winning song, Let It Go, at the Ice Palace. She returned on April 22, 2015 for the Frozen Fever Party.


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