Easter Egg Hunt 2011

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Easter Egg Hunt 2011
When? April 20th - April 28th
Reward Safari Park Background
Members? No

Arr! Spottin' eggs be just like spottin' treasure! Who be bold enough to find 'em all?

The Easter Egg Hunt 2011 was an event on Club Penguin. It started April 20th, 2011 and ended April 28th, 2011. It was confirmed in a newspaper. This was the first Easter Egg Hunt that doesn't have Bunny Ears as a prize. The design of the eggs from this hunt were the same as the ones from 2009 and 2012.

How to solve[edit]

The ad on the Club Penguin Times
The icon for the background you win.

Clue 1: The first egg is hidden way up high, start you search near a small bonsai.
Answer: Dojo, behind the bonsai.

Clue 2: This clue requires a very short note: find this egg near a floating boat.
Answer: Dock, next the Hydro Hopper.

Clue 3: The next clue is a total breeze, look for this egg around some trees.
Answer: Forest, behind a rock.

Clue 4: Go to where the lighting is dim, think of where you most like to swim!
Answer: Pool, behind the chair.

The prize: Safari Park Background.

Clue 5: You grasped the clues, you followed the signs... Now find the polar bear wrapped in vines.
Answer: Mine Shack, upon the tree.

Clue 6: You're almost done, so stay the course, find the room with a rocking horse.
Answer: Lodge Attic, behind the couch.

Clue 7: Wrap up warm, or you'll feel a chill, spot this egg on top of a hill.
Answer: Ski Hill, near the "Ridge Run" sign.

Clue 8: With this last clue, you're good to go, start a machine and make it snow.
Answer: Snow Forts, near a rock.

PRIZE: Safari Park Background.


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