Easter Egg Hunt 2008

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Easter Egg Hunt 2008
When? March 21th - 24th 2008
Reward Green Bunny Ears
Members? No

Eggs-pect the un-eggs-pected...

The Easter Egg Hunt 2008 was an event that started on March 21 and ended on March 24. Like all other Easter Egg Hunts, you had to find hidden eggs. When you collected all of the eggs, you got Green Bunny Ears.

This was the third annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Egg clues and locations[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Click “Expand” to view spoilers.

Clue 1: The first egg can be found, lighting up the underground.
Answer: - Mine (In the fire lantern).

Clue 2: Covered in snow, on a ledge. Sitting near the water's edge.
Answer: Dock (in the pier).

Clue 3: The next egg that you need to get hides by looking like a pet.
Answer: Pet Shop (in the cage).

Clue 4: There's an egg that can be seen atop a shelf, prickly and green.
Answer: Book Room (on the top of the bookshelf).

The prize: Green Bunny Ears.

Clue 5: Wearing top hat, tux, and cane, can you find this egg's domain?
Answer: Gift Shop (in the "Dress Up!" poster).

Clue 6: Are you up to the task to find an egg that's near a mask?
Answer: Plaza (in the Stage light).

Clue 7: With a rocking horse by my side a cardboard box is where I hide.
Answer: Lodge Attic (click in the box and the egg will appear).

Clue 8: So much mystery in the mountain room. Better come and find me soon!
Answer: Dojo (the egg will appear in the wall).

PRIZE: Green Bunny Ears.

Spoilers end here.

Egg decorations[edit]

  • Egg 1 - White background with fire.
  • Egg 2 - White background with a life ring and wave.
  • Egg 3 - Blue background with red puffle.
  • Egg 4 - Cacti.
  • Egg 5 - Green background with a tux.
  • Egg 6 - It look a lamp.
  • Egg 7 - Attic background.
  • Egg 8 - Black background with black belt and ninja mask.


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