Easter Egg Hunt 2007

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Easter Egg Hunt 2007
When? April 6th - 9th 2007
Reward Blue Bunny Ears
Members? No

The Easter Egg Hunt 2007 was an event that started on April 6 and ended on April 9. Like all other Easter Egg Hunts, you had to find hidden eggs. When you collected all of the eggs, you got Blue Bunny Ears. Aunt Arctic hid the Easter eggs in 2007, according to The Club Penguin Times.

This was the 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt.

How to solve it[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Click “Expand” to view spoilers.

Clue 1: To kick start this Easter game, look inside a picture frame.
Answer: - Lighthouse (In the Lighthouse picture).

Clue 2: The next one's closer than you think, it's where you'd go to get a drink.
Answer: Coffee Shop (in the coffee machine).

Clue 3: Atop a shack inside a spout, this egg needs help getting out!
Answer: Mine Shack (in the pipe).

Clue 4: In a room of bakins dough, look up high into the glow!
Answer: Pizza Parlor (on the spotlight).

The prize: Blue Bunny Ears.

Clue 5: This egg had a single wish, to swim amongst the crabs and fish.
Answer: Cave (behind the windows).

Clue 6: Beside beaws of light you'll find it hidden, inside a box that's wrapped with ribbons.
Answer: Town (in the Gift Shop sign).

Clue 7: Near the place that you would chose, to settle down and red old news.
Answer: Boiler Room (click in the second cabinet).

Clue 8: Far from land the final egg be, look out towards the open sea!
Answer: Beacon (look in telescope).

PRIZE: Blue Bunny Ears.

Spoilers end here.

Egg Decorations[edit]

  • Egg 1 - White background with red lines.
  • Egg 2 - Brown background with a circle written "Java".
  • Egg 3 - Golden egg.
  • Egg 4 - Green background with a chef hat.
  • Egg 5 - Blue background with bubbles.
  • Egg 6 - Purple background with pink drawings.
  • Egg 7 - A Boiler.
  • Egg 8 - Black background with skull.


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