Earthquake Driller

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The Earthquake Driller.

The Earthquake Driller was one of Herbert's many disastrous inventions. It used the Clock Tower's prime gear to operate. However, it is unknown what actually powers the machine.


The Earthquake Driller caused huge earthquakes on the Island. It uses the Clock Tower's prime gear to operate the machine and drill into the ground to make tunnels. These tunnels caused earthquakes around the island. It also made the Gift Shop fall into the ground, but a quick thinking agent caused the Gift Shop to lift into the air and go back to its normal position. Once Herbert and Klutzy got into the Boiler Room, an agent found them. Herbert hit the Boiler with his wrench causing the Boiler to vibrate and nearly explode. Herbert and Klutzy ran back into the tunnel, but the Driller was up against a wall and had no reverse (if you took out the gear first, he would say the engine isn't working). It was left underground after Herbert and Klutzy ran away into the tunnels. It was not seen again until The Great Snow Race when it could be seen in the Classified Area.


  • It is seen as a level 12, fire, red Card-Jitsu power card.


  • The earthquake driller resembles a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), a machine used in real life to make tunnels.
  • When Herbert drives down the hole in the Dock he says "AND NO REVERSE THIS TIME!", referring to the downfall of his Mechanical Woodchopper in Mission 6.