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An article in the Club Penguin Times about this event
Members only No
When June 20, 2008
Free Item(s) None
Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) None
Where Town, Coffee Shop, Book Room, Dance Club, Dance Lounge, Gift Shop, Dock, HQ
Preceded by
← Unknown
Succeeded by
Unknown →

On June 20, 2008, a disaster known as the earthquake hit in Club Penguin. It affected the Town, Coffee Shop, Book Room, Night Club, Dance Lounge, Gift Shop, and the Dock. Also, the notice board and some of the monitors in the HQ were changed for this event. Somewhere in the middle of this event a new mission, Mysterious Tremors became available. According to the mission, Herbert was the one responsible for all this damage. He created a tunnel underground with the earthquake driller and deliberately damaged the island.