Earth Day 2010

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Earth Day 2010
The Mine Shack during the party.
Members only No
When April 21, 2010 - April 27, 2010
Free Item(s) Straw Gardening Hat, Recycle Pin
Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) None
Where Town, Plaza, Mine Shack, Recycling Plant
Preceded by
April Fools Party 2010
Succeeded by
Medieval Party 2010

The Earth Day 2010 was a party which began on April 21 and ended on April 27, 2010. The main room was the Mine Shack, which was stated in the Penguin Times. There was a new room near the Mine Shack called the "Recycling Plant", which you could enter after completing the Recycle Hunt. There was also a new pathway added at the Forest which led to the Mine Shack.

The login screen of the party.

Free items[edit]

Image Item Location Members only?
Straw Hat.png Straw Gardening Hat Mine Shack No
Recycle Pin.PNG Recycle pin Recycle Hunt No

New Room[edit]

The new room (Recycling Plant) appeared at Earth Day which was April 22, 2010. Here were some clues penguins found:

  • In the Club Penguin Times, there were blueprints.
  • It was also said it is a Recycling Plant.
  • Gary put a gadget in it.
  • He said the gadget would change pizza boxes to new ones.
  • According to Billybob, it will be permanent.
  • To some penguins, it looked like a greenhouse.
  • Instead of throwing snowballs, you threw the collectible items or garbage you collected in the Scavenger Hunt in the Recycletron 3000. This still works after the party ended.
  • To enter the Recycling Plant during the party, you needed to have completed the Scavenger Hunt.
  • Now that the Earth Day Party is over, everyone can enter the Recycling Plant.

The Rooms[edit]


The town had a big change due to decorating:

  • The buildings turned green like St. Patrick's Day but a little darker.
  • Plants were everywhere.
  • Bushes were behind the buildings.
  • There was a recycling bin in the bushes.

Coffee Shop[edit]


  • Everything turned green and yellow


  • No changes

Night Club[edit]


  • Everything turned green


  • No changes

Gift Shop[edit]


  • Everything turned green


  • No changes


The Plaza had a little change:

  • The buildings turned green except the Stage
  • Plants were everywhere.

Pet Shop[edit]


  • The building turned green.
  • The blue puffle sign turned green.


  • No changes

Pizza Parlor[edit]


  • Everything turned green and yellow.


  • No changes


The Forest didn't have any changes, other than the opening of a new path to the Mine Shack, but that later became permanent.

Mine Shack[edit]

The Mine Shack was heavily decorated, since it was the main room of the party.

  • Two garden areas
  • A harvest shed
  • A path to the Forest
  • A snowball generator that when thrown a snowball into, water flowed into the pipe, then down to the pipe of garden that sprinkled out water.
  • The Free item was a straw hat.
  • The Recycling Plant was in this room.


  • There was a scavenger hunt at the party. This replaced the Easter Scavenger Hunt.
  • It is the first Earth Day celebration in Club Penguin's history.


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