EPF Suit

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EPF Suit
Available Yes
Type Body Item
Member item No
Party None
Cost Unlockable
Where found Code from Herbert's Revenge and the Elite Penguin Force Card Game.
Item ID(s) 4222
Were you looking for the Delta Suit?

The EPF Suit is a body item in Club Penguin. It can be unlocked by entering a code from Herbert's Revenge or the Elite Penguin Force Card Game.


The EPF Suit is an uncommon item.

Release history[edit]

Available from Available until
May 25, 2010 (North America) Available
June 26, 2010 (European Union) Available
July 7, 2010 (Australia) Available


  • The only difference between this and the Delta Suit is that they have different colors.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Uniforme da EPF
French L'Uniforme de l'EPF
Spanish Traje de la EPF
German EPF-Anzug
Russian Костюм секретного агента ППП