Dubstep (puffle)

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Full Name Dubstep
Species Black Puffle
Position None
Appeared See Appearances
Color Black
Clothing Headphones Princess Cap[1][2]
Related To Unknown
Friends With Happy77 Polo Field Businesmoose
Meetable Character? No
This article is about the character. If you are looking for the video, see Dubstep Puffle (video)

Dubstep is a recurring puffle in Club Penguin. He is a Black Puffle who wears a pair of Headphones and sometimes a Princess Cap[3][4], and is always listening to dubstep music. He first appeared in a video published in Club Penguin's YouTube account, called Dubstep Puffle. Later it was revealed that he is Businesmoose's puffle. He has been spotted flying over some rooms since July 5, 2012, tied to the same balloons he was tied to in the video, during the Rock-a-bye Herbert scene. On July 12th a pin based on Dubstep Puffle was released at the Hidden Lake. It is called the Dub-step Puffle Pin. When Businesmoose left Club Penguin, he was readopted by Polo Field.



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