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A Dragon
Appearances Medieval Parties 2008-2012 (costumes or robots)
Medieval Party 2013 (real)
Related To Dragon Puffle
Color Red

Dragons are reptile-like creatures, that penguins could transform into during the Medieval Party 2013. There are green, blue, purple ancient, oynx and enchanted dragon costumes. Dragons appear in penguin culture frequently. Dragons are the famous enemies of knights during the medieval parties. Although associated with both Asian and European culture, they are not featured at the Dojo Courtyard and are replaced with white puffles. Prior to the Medieval Party 2013, dragons were not known to exist around Club Penguin.


Dragons have the ability to fly and breathe purple-colored fire. Dragon scales are as hard as a knight's armor claimed by Gary.

Physical appearance[edit]

Dragons in Club Penguin are depicted with red scales, a green underside and maroon frills. They have a pitched tail and large wings. Their horns and facial frills are white. Dragons have large legs and smaller arms, which makes them bipedal.

Notable Dragons[edit]