Dot the Disguise Gal

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Full Name Dot the Disguise Gal
Species Penguin
Position EPF Agent, fashion designer
Appeared The Veggie Villain, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge and System Defender
Color Purple (former)
Dot Lavender
Clothing Tree Costume (sometimes)
Related To Unknown
Friends With Gary, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, The Director, Dancing Penguin
Meetable Character? Yes

Dot, also known as Agent D and Dot the Design Gal, (full name “Dot the Disguise Gal”) is an EPF agent that is a master of disguise (as her name implies). She first appeared in the game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, but she did not become a mascot in the online game until August 2015, during the Fashion Festival.


Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force[edit]

Dot is first met after finding all the notes in The Mystery Unfolds and offers the player to join the EPF. The player meets Dot at the Dojo for Left To Your Own Devices and she gives the player a pin to find the Puffle Training Room. Later after the player trains with Blast (s)he will meet Dot at the Ski Village and she will give the player a tour on the Sports Shop to the Command Room. After The Director trains the player, the player will receive a message from Dot will call explaining to the player that they could now receive calls on their Spy Gadget.

During Rookie On The Rocks, Dot is trying to catch a snowman thief. When the player finds Rookie later Dot sends Jet Pack Guy to fly them out. Dot has little role in Looking For Clues. She tells the player she didn’t have any luck searching at the Ski Village for Gary so she decided to check the Sports Shop again. When the player tells Dot about the key, Dot says to try and use the key to unlock Gary's Room. When attempted however, the key snaps in half. Afterwards Dot will notify the Director that the player has found the key to Gary’s Room.

Later, Dot looks for clues in Double Trouble to find the missing boiler. When the player tells Dot about the missing oil he or she found, she teleports to the Command Room to tell the Director.

In Damage Control, Dot shows the player and Rory the damage in the Night Club and a blueprint she found. Shortly after these events in Robotomy 101, Dot traps Wheel Bot in the Gift Shop. After Wheel Bot is brought to the Gadget Room, Dot finds Snow Bot at the Ski Hill. Dot along with Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and PH celebrate the player’s victory against the test bots at the Stage at the beginning of An Agent's Work Is Never Done. After a sudden crash, the agents are teleported to the HQ to investigate. Dot finds a hole and a giant oil can in the Gadget Room. After tracking the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000 the player will meet up with Dot again outside of the Town. After the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000 is defeated, Dot is seen a final time at the Command Room.

The Veggie Villain[edit]

She appears in the end, helping Gary, Rookie and the player to teleport out of the HQ.

Operation Blackout[edit]

She was the second-most famous EPF agent to be kidnapped by Herbert, on November 18. He also revealed her secret identity on the selection "Secrets" in the Club Penguin Times.

As a mascot[edit]

Dot made an another appearance in July 2015 when she promoted July 2015 Penguin Style on Club Penguin App. It was the first appearance of her new look, foreshadowing her appearance during the Fashion Festival.





  • As revealed in Club Penguin Times Issue #369:
    • She needs practice in System Defender.
    • Her best run time is 5 kilometres in 19.5 minutes.
  • Dot is the EPF Stealth Lead because she's good at being unnoticed.
  • In the 445th issue of the Club Penguin Times, she took over the “Ask Aunt Arctic” section, which was renamed “Ask Dot”.
Dot Sightings

Fashion Festival · 10th Anniversary Party