Dino Puffle

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Dino Puffle
All the Dino Puffles
Appearances Club Penguin Island
Prehistoric Club Penguin Island
Related To Penguin
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Color Blue Triceratops
Red Triceratops
Yellow Stegosaurus
Pink Stegosaurus
Black T-Rex
Purple T-rex

The Dino Puffle is a type of puffle creature in Club Penguin. Members were able to collect and keep it during the Prehistoric Party 2014. It was the first adoptable puffle creature. There are six different dino puffles: the Blue Triceratops, the Red Triceratops, the Yellow Stegosaurus, the Pink Stegosaurus, the Black T-rex, and the Purple T-rex.[1] Unlike other puffles, they cannot be cared for in the owner's igloo and must be taken to the Puffle Hotel.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Dinopuffle
French Puffle Dino
Spanish Dinopuffle
German Dino-Puffle
Russian Пафлозавры


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