Dig Out the Dojo

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The Dig Out the Dojo program was presumably started by Sensei, who wandered back to the Dojo (which he actually built) after the Storm, in which the Dojo has been coated in snow and the roof had been destroyed by lightning. This event lead to the Dojo Grand Re-Opening.


Outside Renovation: Part 1[edit]

This started on November 3, 2008, after the storm. Penguins were shocked to see a hole in the roof of the Dojo, and a ladder leading to the top. On top there was several snow covered mounds, a torii to one side with a sign that said "DIG OUT THE DOJO", and mountains in the distance. A strange penguin (Sensei) was digging underneath the torii. Penguins were encourage to shovel or drill on the snow.

Outside Renovation: Part 2[edit]

This section started on November 11, 2008. Now a waterfall was near the mountains behind the Dojo, a wall and two of the mounds were partly uncovered, a door leading inside was built, and the roof of the Dojo was there.

Inside Renovation[edit]

The inside of the Dojo didn't change throughout the program. It had wood laying on the sides of the walls, cones, construction tape, lightbulbs, and a ladder/bridge leading up to the hole in the roof. On November 11, 2008, a sign with pads under said: TRAINING Coming November 17.


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