Desert Dimension

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Desert Dimension
Where Box Dimension
Opened March 24, 2011
March 28, 2012
Closed April 5, 2011
April 4, 2012
Mini-Games None
ID 851
Tour Description
"I think this is the Desert Dimension. Please take care to hug the cacti. They say time flies when you're having fun... keep that in mind as you explore this place."

Desert Dimension was a party room for the April Fools' Party 2011 and April Fools' Party 2012 on Club Penguin. This room was only accessible to members only. When a player threw a snowball in the Desert Dimension, it will melt.



  • This has the same music as previous Winter Fiesta parties.
  • The sun and moon go up and down and the sky changes depending on where you walk.


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