Deer Puffle

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Deer Puffle
All the Deer Puffles
Appearances Club Penguin Island
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Puffle Creatures
Color Blue Deer Puffle
Red Deer Puffle
Black Deer Puffle
Purple Deer Puffle

The Deer Puffle is a type of puffle creature in Club Penguin. Members are able to collect from the Puffle Wild app. There are four different Deer Puffles: the Blue Deer Puffle, the Red Deer Puffle, the Black Deer Puffle, and the Purple Deer Puffle. Like other puffle creatures, they cannot be cared for in the igloo and must be taken to the Puffle Hotel or to the Puffle Park.


How to Adopt[edit]

  • Blue Deer Puffle: Score at least 28.000 points
  • Red Deer Puffle: Clear all the snow (18)
  • Black Deer Puffle: Clear all the snow (18)
  • Purple Deer Puffle: Score at least 27.000 points

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Cervo
French Puffle Cerf
Spanish Puffle Ciervo
German Reh-Puffle
Russian Пафл-Олень
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