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Do not confuse with the furniture item with same name, or with the igloo.

The Death Star is a colossal floating space station by the size of the Moon. Penguins are able to visit it starting August 1, 2013, during the Star Wars Takeover, primarily for the activities you have to do in second week of the party quest. The Death Star is what Darth Herbert will use to destroy the Club Penguin Island and other planets. It is also where the Galactic Empire rules from. It can currently be seen at the Town, Dock, the Beach, Ski Village, Ski Hill, Iceberg, and through the telescope. Penguins first saw it in the sky on July 11, 2013. Then on July 18, 2013, it got closer to the island. Penguins are able to earn free items, by playing the special game located in 5 rooms.


Room Tour Guide ID
StarWarsTakoverParty11.PNG Bridge
You may think you've taken a wrong turn... but you must pass through here... to reach the secret plans. With a little luck you can unlock more rooms! 861
StarWarsTakoverParty15.PNG Detention Block
The Detention Block holds many things... including the secret plans! The cells are quite comfortable. In fact they're fit for a princess. 865
StarWarsTakoverParty8.PNG Docking Bay The Death Star's tractor beam... has pulled us into the hangar. Good luck locating the secret plans. The Rebellion depends on you! 858
StarWarsTakoverParty12.PNG Elevators
Just try getting around the Death Star... without taking an elevator.They're blast-reinforced... and good for blocking escapes. 862
StarWarsTakoverParty10.PNG Meeting Room Here is the Meeting Room. Commanders of the Death Star meet here... and decide which planet to destroy next. I hear they also play chess. 860
StarWarsTakoverParty14.PNG Tractor Beam
This room controls the Tractor Beams. If they are keeping a ship from leaving... turn them off here. And watch your step when you do. 864
StarWarsTakoverParty13.PNG Trash Compactor
This is the trash compactor. It's magnetically sealed... so please, no blasting. Don't mind the dianoga. Just leave before the walls come in. 863
StarWarsTakoverParty9.PNG Throne Room The Throne Room is where the Emperor sits and contemplates his evil schemes. Thank goodness he's out today! 859

Map of Death Star[edit]

Docking BayThrone RoomTrash CompactorBridgeElevatorsMeeting RoomDetention BlockTractor BeamMapofDeathStar.PNG
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