Dave Krysko

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Dave Krysko
Dave Krysko.jpg

Full Name
Position Co-founder of Club Penguin
Worked at Club Penguin  ? - December 2009
Penguin Skidder

Dave Krysko is one of the three co-founders of Club Penguin, along with Lance Priebe and Lane Merrifield. According to the New Horizons documentary, Krysko was the person in charge of New Horizon Interactive around 2005. According to multiple statements in the past, Dave Krysko didn't even have a penguin in Club Penguin until recently, when he created the penguin Skidder. He left Club Penguin in December 2009[1]

Involvement in Club Penguin[edit]

It is unknown if Krysko was involved at all in Club Penguin other than being in control of New Horizon Interactive at the time of Club Penguin's creation, and being labeled as the third co-founder.


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