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Full Name Darwin
Species Blue Triceratops
Position Gary's pet puffle and lab assistant
Appeared Prehistoric Party 2014
Color Blue
Clothing None
Related To Gary
Friends With Gary
Meetable Character? Yes
Darwin is Gary's pet Blue Triceratops puffle. He made his first public appearance during the Prehistoric Party 2014. Darwin is also referred to by Gary as his lab assistant. As described by Gary, he is clever and attentive.


It was confirmed that Gary was going to adopt a pet puffle through a poll on January 3, 2014. Players were asked to vote on a name for his pet, and could choose between the names Darwin, Archimedes (Archie), Marsh or Pi. Darwin was the chosen name, confirmed during the Prehistoric Party 2014 when Gary introduced him in-game. It was introduced by Gary in the issue 432 of the Club Penguin Times.



  • He is Gary's first pet. Gary always loved puffles, but he is very busy with his experiments, so he took a while to adopt one.[1]
  • Darwin is named after Charles Darwin, an English naturalist and geologist.
  • He is the only famous Dino Puffle so far.
  • Gary accidentally called him Archie in issue 433 of the Club Penguin Times, one of the other names on the poll.

Sources and References[edit]

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