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Were you looking for the DJ Table from the Better Igloos Catalog?
The DJ table until 2012.
The old DJ table.
The DJ Table, although updated in the Night Club, was not updated in missions until Mission 10.

The Disk Jockey Table, commonly titled the DJ Table, can be found in the Night Club. It was upgraded and changed into a high-tech DJ recording studio to support the game DJ3K, added July 25, 2008, during the Music Jam 08. Many penguins stood behind the old DJ table and danced while calling themselves the DJ (Disk Jockey). They would also often call out what song they were "playing".

DJ Table in missions[edit]

The DJ Table can be seen in almost every mission, since Mission 3, "Case of the Missing Coins", though it has not served any purpose except for scenery. It also has not been updated to the new DJ3K version.


  • In Penguin Chat 3, there was a live band with "real" penguins instead of a disk jockey. The band later moved to the public igloo to make way for the new DJ table. When a DJ table was added DJ Maxx starts mixing music there.
  • The CDs on the older version of the table were missing at one time and were replaced with the mining lantern pin.

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