Crow's Nest

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Ideas:Crow's Nest

Crow's Nest
Where In the Migrator, next to the Beach
Opened When Rockhopper is in Island.
Closed Always when Rockhopper departs
Mini-Games None
ID 423
Tour Description
"Welcome to the Crow's Nest! That snowman looks a lot like someone I know..."
The Crow's Nest is the top part of the Migrator. It wasn't released prior to the Migrator's first few arrivals; it was only introduced after the Migrator sunk and was repaired. It has a sea view, and you can also see Yarr, Rockhopper's Red Puffle. Atop the Crow's Nest is the Migrator's flag, black with a white puffle with crossbones, which billows in the wind when you hover your mouse over it. There is also a cannon and a barrel of powder, and beside the powder is a pile of large snowballs. When players hover their mouse over the cannon, it fires large snowballs.

To access the Crow's Nest, go on the deck of the Migrator. Hover your mouse on the mast in the middle of the deck, and a ladder made of rope will drop down. Just click on it to get up to the Crow's Nest.

This is usually the least populated room on the Migrator, as it is so small and somewhat hidden.

The Snow Cannon 3000 from this room is also seen in Club Penguin Game Day on Red Team's Zone Challenge.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Cesto da Gávea
French Le Nid de Pie
Spanish Nido de cuervos
German Krähennest
Russian N/A

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