Cream Soda

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Rockhopper with a glass of Cream Soda
A purple penguin with Cream Soda in the Lighthouse during Mission 8.

Cream Soda is an incredibly fizzy, purple soft drink with a sweet vanilla flavor. It is Rockhopper's favorite beverage, as he revealed in his journal that he drank a lot of it. There are a few barrels of them in the Ship Hold, Lighthouse and on Club Penguin during Pirate Parties. He has been quoted as saying "Arrgh! Cream Soda be the drink for me." Rockhopper's red puffle, Yarr, also drinks a lot of Cream Soda.

As revealed in mission 8, Cream Soda is incredibly fizzy if shaken and can cause big explosions. It is also shown that a measured mixture of hot sauce and cream soda can get a jetpack running.

The Soda Seas[edit]

Several barrels of Cream Soda were dumped in an area known as the Soda Seas. By using the Aqua Grabber vehicle, penguins help save the wildlife that inhabits the area.

Other appearances[edit]