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Club Penguin Crab
A Crab.
Appearances See List of known crabs.
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Color Red, Blue

A Crab (scientific name Clubpenguinus crabus)[1] is one of the creatures that inhabit Club Penguin Island, and are quite common. The most notable of these is Klutzy. Various crabs appeared in every decorated room during the Island Adventure Party 2011.

List of known crabs[edit]


Main article: Klutzy

Klutzy is Herbert's main crab companion. He met Herbert after saving him from a tipping iceberg.

Pool Crab[edit]

The infamous Pool Crab.

There is a crab that could be seen in the Cave through the windows that appear once in a while. This crab broke the glass in the underground pool, causing the flood and the Water Party in 2007. Really two crabs can appear there at once, one up, other down.

Blue Crab[edit]

These crabs first appeared at the Island Adventure Party 2011 at the Cove. At the same time you could also obtain a Blue Crab costume.

Elder Crab[edit]

The Shadow of the Elder Crab.

An Elderly Crab first appeared on a video from Happy77's YouTube channel[2]. Not much is known about him yet. He has also appeared as a shadow on the Login Screen. He appears to be a villain and is friends with both Herbert and Klutzy.

Herbert's Crab Army[edit]

The Crab Army was first detected by the EPF in the 18th Field-Op[3] in 2010. They were trained for 2 years, until they finally attacked during the Operation: Blackout. They were able to capture Jet Pack Guy during Operation: Blackout.[4].


Crabs commonly appear in the Mini Games around the island.

Aqua Grabber[edit]

In Aqua Grabber's Soda Seas levels, there is a secret worm that can be obtained. It can be used to capture a Fluffy to catch a Mullet. Behind the Mullet is a secret path that leads to a pile of coins and a crab trying to get all the treasure. You can choose to either let the crab take all the coins for itself, or take the treasure. If you let the crab take the coins, it will reward you with an Emerald.

Ice Fishing[edit]

Starting on the fourth stage of Ice Fishing, crabs crawl on the underside of the ice, towards the fishing line and try to cut the line off, so that you lose your bait.

Klepto (Puffle Launch)[edit]

Main article: Klepto

Klepto[5] is the main villain from the game Puffle Launch. He appears 6 times as a boss inside a flying Aqua Grabber machine. He commonly tries to steal your puffle's Puffle O's. He possesses the Box Dragon and uses it to attack your puffle for the final boss.



  • Klutzy is different from the other crabs. His claws are smaller and he seems to be smaller too.
  • In System Defender, Rookie says he can understand the crab language and speak a bit of it, he can understand Klutzy with this "skill".

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