Costume Trunk

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Costume Trunk

The Costume Trunk catalog
Date released November 16, 2007
Location Stage (2007-2015)
Puffle Berry Mall (2015-present)
Sells Costumes
Available Yes
Updates None.
Were you looking for the furniture with the same name?

The Costume Trunk is a catalog in the Puffle Berry Mall. In it, there are clothes and items you can buy, which usually go along with the current production. There is always a "director's hat" which is a brown beret. Most of the newer trunks have a background that non-members can buy. During the Penguin Play Awards, several plays were featured in the Costume Trunk. The same thing happened during Night of the Living Sled: Live, Battle of the Ancient Shadows and A Humbug Holiday.

Secret Items[edit]

  • In the play Ruby and the Ruby, there were two hidden items, a dark detective coat and a Noir (French word for black, pronounced as no-are) Background.
  • The item that appeared during the play Fairy Fables, was a Silver Wand.
  • In the December 2008, April 2009, and April 2010 version of the Quest of the Golden Puffle play, by clicking the puffle on page 3, you can buy the Crook and Flail.
  • In Team Blue VS Team Red, if you click the dodgeball on Eric's hand, a Red Viking Helmet appears (but the blue one won't appear).
  • During the Penguin Play Awards 2009, the trunk had a hidden background, a Cheap Time Travel Hat, and a Squidzoid costume.
  • During The Haunting of the Viking Opera, the Red, Blue and Gold Viking Helmets were accessible.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Figurino
French Le Coffre à Déguisements
Spanish El arcón de los disfraces
German Kostümtruhe
Russian Сундук с костюмами


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