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Command Room
Command room.png
Where At the HQ in the Cabinet.
Opened November 25, 2008
Closed May 18, 2010
(Open 1 year, 5 months, 23 days)
Mini-Games None
ID 323
Tour Description
Welcome to the Command Room! Only EPF agents can access this room... Remember... this room is top secret!
Were you looking for the new Command Room?

The Command Room (also known as the EPF Headquarters) was a secret room in Club Penguin designed for owners of Club Penguin's Nintendo DS game, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, and it was located inside the cabinet in the HQ at the bottom right near the Secret Missions Console. It was the HQ for EPF agents. This room could only be accessed if you have entered the code from your Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force game.

The entrance to the Command Room.


The Code Card, with what you can unlock the Command Room.

To access the room, penguins had to enter a code found on a card in the box of the Club Penguin DS game, Elite Penguin Force, which they can then enter and get access to the room or simply upload coins from the DS to your online account.


  • When agents clicked on the center table, it will open up and different tables will come out. There are three tables. This is the order they come in: the EPF table, the coffee table, and the pizza table.
  • When you put your cursor on the portrait of the penguin with glasses (and that says "Elite Penguin"), the penguin will change colors. Every time you do this, it will change to a different color, starting from Lime Green to Light Blue to Red the last change before it starts over to its original color, it dresses like a clown.
  • The TV had all the channels as the TVs in igloos except for the hockey channel.
  • On the TV screen when you click until you reach the penguins talking, if you wait for about 10 seconds, on the bottom it says, "THIS CONVERSATION WOULD PROBABLY BE A LOT MORE INTERESTING WITH SOUND...HUH?"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Sala de Comando
French Salle de Commandement
Spanish Sala de Comando
German Kommando
Russian N/A


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