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The pages of the Penguin Style catalog which let you buy a color.

Penguins can choose from a variety of colors (spelled colour in some countries) to wear. When people first make an account, they are asked to pick a free starter color from 14 options. Colors are also bought from the Penguin Style catalog in the Gift Shop for 20 coins each. When you look for them in your Player Card, you will see them represented by colored blobs in your inventory. A color is the first item new penguins have, along with the New Player Red Baseball Hat and the New Player Background.

They are available to members and non-members. As time goes on, it is predicted there will be more colors to choose from.

It seems that new colors are released once every three years, as Lime Green was added in 2006, Aqua was added in 2009, and Arctic White was added in 2012. However, no new color was added in 2015.

The colors are as followed, going respectively with the picture:

Dark Green
Light Blue
Lime Green
Arctic White

Unavailable Colors[edit]

A lot of colors are thought to secretly exist in the Club Penguin world by some players; often times these have been created by means of cheating programs. Although they are nothing more than a rumor, people go to many depths to find out such things. Also, some significant penguins (Billybob, Sensei, etc.) around the island have some colors that are unavailable to the public.

  • White: White penguins do not exist, but one could get this color with a cheating program; however, since most programs have been disabled by Club Penguin, this color is unobtainable. However, when the photos of the Stamp Book are loading, the color of your penguin is temporarily white. This could be confused with the color Arctic White.
  • Sensei Gray: Sensei wears this color, although it is not available to the public.
  • Lavender: It was one of the choices for the 2006 Color Vote, however it had lost to Lime Green. It then returned during the 2009 Color Vote, but lost to Aqua. It used to be a bait item on cheating programs.
  • Maroon: It was another choice for the 2009 Color Poll, but like Lavender, it lost to Aqua.
  • Old Blue: The oldest non-available color, it was used in Penguin Chat 3 and Penguin Football Chat- however, it was once seen again due to a glitch. Once Club Penguin was launched, this color was not available for purchase. Gary wears this color. In the earlier tutorial videos, Old Blue was seen on penguins.
  • Dark Black: It is a moderator only color and a testing color and few penguins have been seen with it


  • In the Penguin Style catalog, it was changed from "Colour" to "Color" by popular demand.
  • Club Penguin uses gray penguins in designing items, as gray is "neutral" and goes with any color (e.g. If they used a yellow penguin to make a shirt, then the shirt might not look good with any color other than yellow).
  • Prior the update to the Night Club in 2012, if ten or more penguins with the same color were inside the Night Club at one time, the Night Club's lights would change color to match the majority of the colors.

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