Cole Plante

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Cole Plante
Full Name Cole Plante
Species Human (Real Life)
Penguin (Club Penguin)
Position DJ
Appeared DJ
Color Light Blue
Clothing Unknown
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

Cole Plante is a Club Penguin special guest. He is a real-life DJ, and his penguin character made its first appearance during the Music Jam 2014. In preparation for the party, Polo Field interviewed him using questions asked by players on the What's New Blog; he put the interview into a video and uploaded it on June 25, 2014.[1] Plante's remix of "Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman)" was performed during the Music Jam and later added to the Igloo Music list (July 9th). For watching him perform on the Main Stage, players could click on him to receive the DJ Cole Giveaway.

He is the fifth DJ to appear in Club Penguin, the first being DJ Maxx, the second being Cadence, the third being the Orange Penguin in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force and the forth being the DJ Space Squid at the Future Party.


  • He made the remix that played in the Dance Club during the Star Wars Takeover.
  • He was the only special guest at the Music Jam 2014 that was not a Disney Channel star.



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