Coin Codes

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A real life Coin Code.
An Unlock code from Club Penguin: Game Day!

Players can receive Coin Codes (also known as Toy Codes) by purchasing Club Penguin merchandise such as Card Jitsu packs or books. The codes are printed on plastic coins, or on a card. When players log in to Club Penguin they can click the icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen that says "Unlock Items Online" and there will be a place to enter your code. The Treasure Book would come up, unless you have unlocked a trading card code or a code from a guidebook.

Another type of code are book codes. They only require knowledge of the book players have bought because Club Penguin will ask them a question they will know only if they have a book themselves. See also Book (Item).

When you enter a code successfully you will either receive a book item that will be added to your Inventory along with some Coins or you will be allowed to select up to two items from the Treasure Book. The code you receive from when you buy the Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge will also allow you to use the Puffle Whistle if you're a member.


  • The coin code tags are replicas of the coin in Club Penguin.
  • The 5 original puffle plush toys do not have any codes.
  • The Disney Castle Pin has to be unlocked by a code found in the Mystery Pins box purchased in Disney World Florida, Disneyland Californa, and in the World of Disney Store in NYC before it closed.
  • In December 2010, Club Penguin released a universal code to unlock 500 coins as a holiday gift. This code is DECNLR10.
  • In August 2011, Club Penguin released a universal code to unlock a free Green Crosshatch Hoodie as a gift. This code is D23EXP11. They also at that time released a code to unlock a free Blue crosshatch Hoodie, the code is FreeHood
  • There is also two more codes that all penguins can use. These are the codes: PUMPKIN1 and JUNNLR11. The code PUMPKIN1 unlocks the Glowing Pumpkin Head and JUNNLR11 gives you 500 coins
  • The code MMCODE12 unlocks the Red Rocker T-Shirt.
  • The code MMCODE11 unlocks 500 coins, and the code MMCODE13 unlocks 2,500 coins.