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Club Penguin
The app's current icon
Platform Mobile
Developer Walt Disney
Publisher Disney Mobile
Rating 4+ (Apple's App Store)
Dejus L.svg Livre (Dejus)
Everyone (Google Play Store)
Date released iOS
May 9, 2013 (iPad)
April 17, 2014 (iPhone and iPod Touch)

December 17, 2014

Club Penguin (formerly known as My Penguin) is a mobile application for iPads 2 or higher, iPhones 4 or higher and iPods Touch 4th generation or higher with iOS 6 or higher and Android devices with Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.3 or higher, relating to Club Penguin. It was released on May 9, 2013. It became available for Android devices on the Google Play Store in December 2014.[1]

It was found in Club Penguin’s files, meaning it will most likely have some in-game connectivity (this was confirmed by Spike Hike on the What's New Blog). Its name was confirmed at Club Penguin Media Summit, as well as the fact that you will be able to edit your penguin's player card. You can also obtain items for your penguin from the in-app Penguin Style catalog, or the “Sushi Drop” minigame. It is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. German and Russian were available until September 2015, when both languages were extinct from the game.


  1. Edit Penguin: you can edit your penguin's clothing.
  2. Friends List: brings up your Buddy List.
  3. Catalogues: you can buy clothes from the latest Penguin Style catalog. You can buy furniture items from the Furniture Catalog and igloos on the Igloo Catalog. Sports Catalog and Martial Artworks are available too.
  4. Blog: you can read the latest posts from the What's New Blog.
  5. Videos: you can watch the latest videos from Club Penguin.
  6. Games: you can play Club Penguin minigames such as Bean Counters, Jelly Bean Counters, Puffle Rescue, Puffle Roundup, Ice Fishing, Pufflescape, Jetpack Boost, Card-Jitsu Snow (only iOS), Smoothie Smash and Pizzatron 3000.
  7. Snowball: you can throw a snowball at penguins.
  8. Sushi Drop and Jetpack Boost: Two exclusive mini-games for the app.
  9. Igloos: you can edit your igloo, visit and like other players igloos.
  10. Rooms: you can visit rooms like the Town, the Snow Forts, the Beach, etc.
  11. Jump to Friend: pressing the button on the player card, you can go where a specific penguin is.
  12. Puffles: you can adopt and take care of your puffles. They can dig items and coins.
  13. Parties: you can celebrate the Club Penguin parties visiting the decorated rooms, doing quests and collecting free items.

Exclusive mini-games[edit]

Sushi Drop[edit]

Main article: Sushi Drop

Sushi Drop is a game that is only available on the Club Penguin app. Spike Hike announced it on the Club Penguin blog. In order to play it, you need sushi and you can get it by watching videos, reading the blog etc. Once you have sushi you have to feed it to the clams and if you do feed them, you get coins depending on the size of the clam (bigger clams means more coins). You can also obtain 8 items from the game for your online penguin, and they are:

Jetpack Boost[edit]

Main article: Jetpack Boost

Jetpack Boost is a spin-off to Jet Pack Adventure. It was released in August 29, 2013 with the launch of the version 1.2 of Club Penguin app.

Content updates[edit]

See main article: Club Penguin app Version Differences


  • If you play Card-Jitsu Snow for an extended period of time, the game will freeze to a blue screen.
  • When near the end of Ice Fishing, going to the Home screen and returning will cause more fish to appear than normal.
  • When you use other languages that English (and maybe other supported ones), rooms will start to have a random language. (For example: Town in French, Plaza in English, Ski Village in German) (Tested with Czech language on Android)


  • App Store: The overall game is currently rated four stars. All reviews for the current version average at four stars.
  • Google Play: The game is currently rated at 3.9 stars out of 5 (as of June 2015).




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  1. Other languages and Android versions are also in the works, said Heatherly, but for now he wants to start “humbly”. “Kids are still going to play on the web,” he said, “but for the brand to stay relevant, we need to be on mobile.”