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GoldMedal.png The Wall of Fame has been instituted as special recognition to any user who has made the Club Penguin Wiki a great website to visit. GoldMedal.png
User Joined Inducted Profile
Alxeedo111 2008 2009 Alxeedo contributed to this wiki for years, with his terrific editing skills and wikicode knowledge. Alx was also a significant part of the administration - which has earned him a place on the wall.
Barkjon 2007 2008 Barkjon earned a place on this wall for his many contributions that still remain the core of many articles. His frequent interactions with the community and his general kindness are other factors alongside his brilliant editing that have placed him as somebody to look up to.
Bluehero 2008 2009 Bluehero (from the old wiki) was one of our greatest editors, but also one of our best minds - often critically finding problems and coming up with solutions; he was an indispensable member of the bureaucrat team.
Ced1214 2009 2009 Ced1214 earned a spot on this wall for being one of the most active editors and administrators of 2009, proving to be an invaluable member of the community.
Dancing Penguin 2007 2008 Dancing Penguin has earned a spot on the wall for his resilience, community interaction and fantastic editing. He later moved to Club Penguin Fanon, while still editing here - and for a short time being a staffer too!
Hat Pop 2008 2009 Hat Pop is undoubtedly the gem when it comes to community interaction. Her never-ending friendliness and sensibleness gave her the role of Senior Staff and Community Director, coupled with her fantastic anti-vandalism and editing skills make her easily one of the greatest users in this wiki's history.
LB22 2008 2008 LB22 has earned a place on this wall for being an expert in template assembly. He helped to develop a lot of our unique templates and formatting, that remain to this day to be one of the most commonly used templates in articles and on userpages.
LordMaster96 2009 2010 LordMaster96 has earned a spot here for being probably the most hard-working and dedicated editor in this site's history. He has improved every article on this wiki and works hard everyday to make them all per our Manual of Style guidelines, which is a rare quality that is essential when trying to make the wiki content as good as it is. Not only this, he's an intelligent editor and administrator and an amazing friend and is by far the head of the editing task force.
Mrperson777 2007 2008 Mrperson777 has earned a place on this wall for being a really friendly user. He soon branched out to become a great help in welcoming other users. He was long regarded as the Club Penguin Wiki's "welcome wagon".
Nando144 2010 2014 Nando144 is best known to be the wiki's article updater, making sure our articles are up to date. He has been here whenever the wiki needed him to, and without him the wiki would be a mess with tons of outdated articles. He dedicated hours and hours of his time every week just simply editing. A couple years worth of hard work has also made him the wiki's top contributor. As a result of all that dedication, he earns a spot here on the Wall of Fame.
Pingali Moi 2009 2009 Pingali Moi was one of the most active and hard-working editors in 2009, racking up countless and important contributions, which has earned her a spot here.
Refractor 2009 2010 Refractor (formerly Zapwire) has got on here after a unanimous poll. In return, he gave the community our blog system, the ambox system, the userbox system, the new mainpage and pretty much everything else you love. And just as importantly, if it wasn't for his ingenious ideas and support for the metamorphosis of mid-2009, this wiki would be stuck in the pre-2009 days.
Robbsi 2007 2008 Robbsi is on this list for being the bravest of the bunch for stepping up to the task of maintaining the wiki after the founder, V-Rex, left. He was a model administrator and bureaucrat, with excellent behaviour, editing and friendliness - and his work was crucial to keeping up this wiki in its early days.
Seahorseruler 2009 2009 Seahorseruler has earned a spot here, because if anybody does deserve to earn a spot here it's him. He's the CPWN director, and for good reason. For over a year he had the highest editcount in the wiki, while being one of the most important administrators at the time. His new policy idea has shaped this wiki beyond anybody's wildest dreams, with all of his contributions having a massive impact. He is utterly dedicated to the maintenance of this website, and couple that with his experience - you wouldn't want anybody else at the helm.
Sharkbate 2008 2009 Sharkbate was one of the best and most important administrators of 2009. His countless editing, excellent moderation as a bureaucrat and amazing community interaction has earned him a spot here, and probably errant it from day one of his wiki career here.
Staffan15 2009 2009 Staffan15 was one of the greatest users of 2009 and 2010, and should be remembered for his genius and his editing skills. He was truly, a perfect user in every respect.
Tigernose 2008 2009 Tigernose has been here for many years and has brought us many excellent ideas, and we would not have been the same here without him! The to-do list, colored infoboxes and the famous Monaco skin back in 2009/2010 just some of the projects developed by him! As an administrator and bureaucrat, he is very wise, and makes the right choices.
TurtleShroom 2007 2008 TurtleShroom has earned a space on this wall for being a fantastic community member, who was an invaluable member of the early 2007 days, leading up to his retirement in 2009.
V-Rex 2006 2008 V-Rex has earned a place on the Wall of Fame for founding the wiki. He kept the wiki up until members like TurtleShroom and Robbsi could take the reigns after him to mantain the wiki. Without him, there would be no Club Penguin Wiki!

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