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The Berg is the Club Penguin Wiki's official newspaper. Regular issues are published on the first day of each month. Special editions may be released periodically.

Current Issue[edit]

August 1, 2015 Issue 10

Thank You, Readers![edit]

This final issue of The Berg looks very plain, and in fact, it is. Due to the lack of 'news' to report on and the desire to improve the community, the redesigned Community Corner assumes all of The Berg's duties.

2015 CPW Awards[edit]

For the fourth consecutive year, the Club Penguin Wiki Awards will be making a return. This year, we are looking at more ways to recognize users for their contributions to this wiki. As a result, the honour roll list will be awarded to any user who the admins' think have made a positive impact on the site this year. Some other changes include:

  • Use of the first past the post system
  • Voting period extended through the end of the month to accommodate vacation.
  • Results first published on the community corner.

This year's award coordinator has not yet been named. More information will be released as progress is made.


The Administration[edit]

FlagUSA.svg Hat Pop Fully Active
FlagBrazil.svg Nando144 Fully Active
FlagUSA.svg Seahorseruler Partially Active
FlagCanada.svg LordMaster96 Partially Active
FlagBrazil.svg Gatuti789 Partially Active

Happy Birthday![edit]

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