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Staff are users who have full access to all functions on every Club Penguin Wiki Network wiki, including the Club Penguin Wiki, Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, Club Penguin Shops Wiki, and the Club Penguin Archives Wiki. They have all of the rights that regular local Administrators of each individual wiki have on top of their additional rights (see the rights section below). Staffers have final say in all decisions made. All of our staffers are currently volunteers and speak English as their first language.

List of Staff





In addition to having all of the abilities normal Administrators have, staff permissions include:

Staff Permissions
  • Editing all user rights without restrictions.
  • Editing global user rights.
  • Locking and Unlocking the Database.
  • Hiding edits and log actions from public view.
  • Access to mass deletion tools such as Nuke and DeleteBatch.
  • Globally blocking or disabling accounts.
  • Editing another user's preferences.
  • Viewing another user's account information, such as provided email address and account ID.
  • Accessing a user's IP Address for sockpuppet checks. (CheckUser)
  • Account management such as renaming an account, merging two accounts, deleting an account, or resetting an account's password.
  • Temporarily restricting certain functions, such as editing or uploading in the case of an attack.
  • Editing MediaWiki configuration. (Staff with server access only)
  • Installing new MediaWiki extensions. (Staff with server access only)
  • Many additional functions not listed above.

Staff Wiki

The Staff have access to a private wiki that is used to keep reports, documents, tools, discussions, and other things that aren't publicly accessible. Only Staff may view pages on the wiki.

Becoming Staff

New Staffers are selected by the current Staff. We are not looking to select new staffers at the moment. When we are looking to appoint another staffer, we will make a public announcement and possibly open an application process.

Contacting staff

If you would like to bring something to the attention of the staffers regarding an issue on any CPWN wiki or have any other general inquiries, you may contact them in one of the following ways:

  • IRC. Staff may be contacted directly via the Club Penguin Wiki's IRC Channel, #ClubPenguinWiki (IRC Help). This channel serves as the CPWN's main coordination channel as well as the Club Penguin Wiki's discussion channel. Here, you may also have private discussions with staffers via PM if you want your inquiry to remain confidential.
  • Talk Pages. You may leave a message on the talk page of any of the staffers listed above. You can leave the message on your local wiki if you would like to.