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While editing, you may find special snowflake awards added to your user page or given to you in a message. They are given out if you accomplish a certain task. They can be awarded for anything, even bad things. New snowflakes are created every so often. On this page you will find a small bit of them, and the ones not listed can only be unlocked. (We think it's more fun that way, don't you?)


  • You may put these awards in your userspace, but only if you meet the proper requirements.
  • You can use the blank award to make your own customized awards! However, please don't add them to this page unless they can relate to multiple people (so, please don't put personal respect and friendship awards here).
  • Feel free to save this image and use it to create your own custom snowflake award!
Customize this image for your award.

CPW Awards

Edit Milestone Awards

To see who has each, click on them and see what pages have these files on them.

Other Awards

Club Penguin Awards

Other Awards